We get in thousands of antlers a year. We currently have several sets of whitetail deer that I will not end up using for my lighting. I hate to cut them up as they will be great for rattling antlers. These are all from 2 1/2 yr old to 3 1/2 yr old bucks. They may have a little damage on the burr or a tine or something like that nothing major. The 4x4 sets are $30 plus shipping which should run around $12-15 the 5x5 sets are $40 plus shipping. These all have good mass and decent tine length. Some were legally taken iowa, missouri bucks we sanded and buffed the burrs. Some are sheds as well. Email if interested. We can cut the brow tines off if desired I know I don't like banging my knuckles when I am rattling aggressive.

Here is the link

Eric Carr
Crooked Creek Antler Art