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Thread: Best places to find sheds

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    Best places to find sheds

    Where does everyone have the best luck finding sheds? What areas of the woods are your most productive spots. My favorite spots I always start looking are in CRP fields. Rarely do I actually find one in the middle of the woods. I am at 6 for the year so far.

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    This year where I have found shed's is everywhere. Although I haven't found a lot this year. They have been in the woods on field edges, along ditches,and in or along side of crp ground, food plots and deep in the woods along the slew. Last year I found the most 7 at one time and 1 the next day that I had overlooked in one secluded soybean field of app. 25 acres. Just far enough off the road that people didn't bother them.
    I don't think there is any on particular place to find sheds. Wherever the bucks happen to roam is where they are gonna be. I have found a set once that was a mile apart. And a set that was 50 yards apart. You never know. But I do know they are hard to spot in the woods among all the dry leaves, they blend right in very well. Good luck to you. PS. I know they are out in our corn field's and milo field stalks. But you have to just about step on them to find them in there. (well me anyway) Good luck to you hope you find a bunch more. And do a lot of slow walking and keep your eyes on the ground. Look for tips, not the whole antler.

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    ditch and fence crossings have been my best they knock them off when they jump i also found one while driving it was laying in the road ditch just happened to look down at the right time now i cant keep my eyes on the road

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    I have just been finding them everywhere. I just look were the deer are. Im up to 16 found one today and two yesterday.

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    You find a shed where it falls off... if deer travel through an area there could be a shed there no matter the terrain. Found em in the woods, on the edges, in a ditch, next to a fence, middle of fields, and like bowhunter up there, I picked up a 4 point side laying along the side of RT4 last week.
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    I stick to bedding areas, feeding areas and everywhere in between.

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