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Thread: looking for old spots to metal detect

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    looking for old spots to metal detect

    i know it sounds dorky but im looking for old farmland, fields, buildings streams, and yards anything that might of been a good spot befor 1964. has to be public land or land that i can gain permission from the owner. any leads would be great. i live hear in energy il. indian artifacts are cool too.
    thanks, andy

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    Check this out. Good luck and show us your finds.

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    check out millstone lake near simpson.. i hear that's a good place for artifacts

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    I kinda hinted on this in the last thread, there were two modes of development back in those days. A) around the rivers B) around railroads. Anything else would be less documented. since most of the corn is getting out check for freshly tilled fields and see if you can walk around. (even better after a rain). there are loads of old mine town that once bloomed but are no longer visable. Again these can be found in the genealogical sites (check Saline, Williamson, and LaSalle county as they were huge mining communities) the genealogy sites will be a better lead

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    thanks for the info uncle ted... im thinkn saline and laselle counties are a good bet. ill be checkn them out. thinkn bout going to dixon springs also. but since its open to mding its prolly been hunted out mostley, but theres prob more to be ex g-friebds stepdad has a cabin on ropers landing in golconda off the river. too bad i burnt that bridge that place looks like its got some history in it.

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    Just love that map site.

    Quote Originally Posted by andy View Post

    Check this out. Good luck and show us your finds.
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