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Thread: Algae Farming

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    Algae Farming

    You heard it lately that there is no "Silver Bullet" and that Algae for Fuel is the way to go.

    We all know how the solar energy market is going.

    Over $100 Million has been invested in Sapphire Energy to produce Algae Fuel.

    Now, how efficient would this be? Lets see.

    According to one of the studies, it would cost about $9.84 per gallon to make algae diesel, as opposed to $2.60 per gallon for petro-diesel, at January 2011 costs. Other studies have estimated even higher costs.
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    we should just go back to steam engines LOL
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    With all the coal in this country I'm surprised their hasn't been a push to convert coal into both gas and diesel. It has been done and is being done on a small scale.
    OH, it's a fossil fuel can't do that.
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