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Thread: Time to act again

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    Time to act again

    In case anyone hasn't heard, the 7th circuit denied Lisa Madigans request to have the ban on concealed carry ruled unconstitutional. Thus they are now under the gun to pass a conceal carry law by June 9, 2013. The judge who wrote the dissenting opinion basically gave them a layout on how to pass a very bad bill in his opinion that would not infringe the second amendment. Hogwash, but now Michael Madigan is going to try to railroad a bill through ala NY style. Only difference is we have a few days to react where they had none. They'll be trying for bans, limits, registration and any other possible infringement they think they can.

    Here's a link to yesterday's hearing, 3 1/2 hours of puking material. They only allowed two pro gun testimonies, the next one isn't scheduled until Thursday in Springfield so Madigan is pulling his shenanigans on Tuesday

    Start making their ears burn. From IL's NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde

    "We have just learned that the shell bill HB-1155 will be used for a series of amendments ALL dealing with the issue of Right to Carry.

    Expect numerous amendments in any way shape and form that you can imagine to slice and dice and maybe get gotcha votes against our supporters.
    If you saw the testimony yesterday, they don;t want you to be able to be anywhere near where alcohol is being served. As an example. We also know the antis really.
    Now is the time to call your state representatives, email them, hit their facebook pages and tell them NO BAD BILL, NO BAD AMENDMENTS.
    We know they will try and pass a MAY issue amendment, they will try to jack up fees. They will try to delay the implimentation of the law.
    They want a regulatory ban on carrying so we have to go back to court.
    It all starts on Tuesday at Noon. Sound the klaxon "

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    I really hope people have been too busy contacting their reps to post in this thread, this is the real deal. Tell them you support only NRA supported amendments to HB1155, namely ones brought up by Brandon Phelps. No to the rest.

    We have less than 24 hours before they try to impose the strictest laws in the nation upon us. We don't have the means to let IL and Chicago keep wasting our money in losing battles.

    Read some of the amendments introduced today that will go before the House for vote tomorrow.

    Click on full text top left center to read them individually. If it's not Phelps sponsor it is bad!!!

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    Also when contacting them make sure to ask them to be present during tomorrows session, unless they are against us, then let them know how bad the weather will be and travel is not advised

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    this is the real deal folks, get on the horn! Many of the southern Reps are D and Madigan is going to put them between a rock and a hard place, let them know chicago Dems are not their friends!
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