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Thread: Black Panther Attack In MO...

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    Black Panther Attack In MO...

    Lady got it on video and a cop came and shot it..I'll try and find a link it was on Yahoo video news.

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    "Leopards are native to Africa and Asia, with black leopards found in Africa. Jaguars are indigenous to South America, Central America and certain parts of the southwestern United States. But black jaguars are practically unheard of in the United States."

    It was a domesticated cat looking for some grub. And the cop needs to go back to the range!
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    Black Jaguars are making a come back in South Texas.

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    Cat killed in S. Missouri identified as leopard

    They've identified the cat now and determined that it's a leopard.
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    That would be an odd call, wouldn't it? Then to pull up and see that would be

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    I've been holding back on this subject for some time now. Fact is, I have personally seen at least 20 Cougars in Southern Illinois and around 10 Black Panthers starting at the age of seven. I've heard them scream hundreds of times. For something that doesn't exist they sure do get around. Of course I was raised in Pope county which is pretty wild even by local standards. Everyone around there knows they are there, its common knowledge. Most likely they won't confide in someone they don't know. We lost 2 or 3 calves every year as did many other farmers in the area. In some cases the cats even left hairballs behind. I saw so much of this stuff growing up I just took it for granted. And then I talk to many wildlife biologists through the years and all they can do is deny that these big cats exist? In my book they are a bunch of educated Fools. I know that sounds harsh but what can you say about anyone who arrogantly refuses to look at the bigger picture. These big cats aren't making a comeback, they never left or were killed off to begin with. I don't even blink when I see a Cougar anymore but the Black Panthers are whole different experience! When your standing 20 feet from one looking into their luminous green eyes you will get the bigger picture! They are much bigger and stronger than your average cougar. If your out near the open you might see one cross in front of you at a safe distance. If your in the woods or any kind of cover you won't see anything untill you hear that deep throaty growl coming from behind you. I can't prove it but then again, I don't have too. I'm sure its just a matter of time before someone around here gets something real on a trail-cam. I plan on getting some pictures first hand with my camera.

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    out there..somewhere...
    Big Foot... Critter routinely sees the cougar and also periodically sees a large back cat that he's not been able to ID... can we gethe darn thing on the trail cam not yet.. but I swear I'll die trying to capturing the darn thing on film yet...he's ike you.. the regualr big cat doesn't even really phase him.. but the big black one... it still kinda freaks him out a bit.. I've had more than one phone call from the tractor about it..

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    Go Get 'em BigFoot! I hope you get some perfect photos of them that they can't deny, even then I'm sure they'll say it was a nomad cat and an isolated case.
    I'd love to hear the stories of some of yours or others encounters, like you said, you don't have to prove it, but wouldn't it be nice to have the photos...

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    BigFoot, Pope is still pretty wild that's for true and lots of cougar sighting down there. The only black cat I've heard told about was 2years ago from a deer hunter Saline/Pope border nead Rudiment. One thing for sure is they are out there!
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