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Thread: Pay Lakes??

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    Pay Lakes??

    I heard they have pay lakes around the area.....Anyone know where they are located and how much? Also, is the bass bite usually good at them?

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    "Pay lakes" are only that if you get caught.

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    there is one in millstadt or around there i think there is one around waterloo im not sure where else
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    Cottonwood is the one by Millstadt. It's on Roachtown Rd between Hwy 158 and Freeburg Douglas Rd. I think it is fished primarily for cats and gills and they have a bait shop on the south edge. It would be a pretty good spot for kids I would think as bank access is pretty easily sloped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    "Pay lakes" are only that if you get caught.
    definition of Pay Lakes-Get caught, you pay
    its not hunting, its grocery shopping

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