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Thread: Rage 2 blade, kill pics, warning bloody

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    Rage 2 blade, kill pics, warning bloody

    If you don't like to see blood in a picture with a dead deer, them just click off this post.

    Here is some pics I had on my older camera & had not down loaded.

    This is the first deer I killed with my rage broadheads. I also killed an elk & a coyote with them last year & had good results from both kills.

    They leave the biggest entrance & exit wound that I have personally seen. The blood trails are easy to follow too.

    One big draw back I have found is that they will open up very easily if you catch then on anything like grass or twigs.
    I would not recommend then for hunting on the ground, especially in grassy areas.
    I now use 3 blade pro series spitfire, they also have cut on contact blade on the tip, when I am walking on the ground mostly. Then the 2 blade rage, while in a treestand.

    That was a quartering away shoot from just over 30 yards.
    I think it hit the spin up in the neck & worked back out after about 20 yards. A little over half the arrow was blood coated, with a little hair on it. The deer went about 50-60 yards then crashed on the edge of the standing corn.

    It may have also cut his windpipe, guessing from all the blood that may have come out the nose & mouth

    He was a 168#, nine pointer & my first deer from the ground.

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    Lyn I'd say your right - it either got his trach or mangled a lung .. (mechanism of injuries on people and animals.. not so different ..) That much blood from the nose and mouth is almost always indicative of tracheal or respiratory injury/rampage. If there were air bubbles or it was frothy.. there's no doubt!
    Gore doesn't bother me.. and this is good example of showing what those can do !

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    Great shot, and great shot placement!

    Good to know about the opening on grass and twigs, along with the hole opening. That allows some to keep more than one kind of broadhead in their arsenal to suit their surroundings...

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    thats a dandy buck

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    That is an awesome shot & Buck!
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    Very nice deer good job.......

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    Great buck and great shot!

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    Way To Go!!!!
    Go outside!

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    lynn those look like little holes to me

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    Lynn, question for ya. I just finally got to test my rage 2 on a doe last night. I was not happy with the results. Here are my reasons. I normally use a Magnus Stinger 4 blade (not the buzzcut), which has always worked great, short blood trails, plenty of blood to track, and always pass thrus. I shoot a 2005 Mathews Switchback 70#, 29" Chrono'd at 279fps with my hunting arrow. I took my doe last night at exactly 30 yards (per rangefinder) double lung shot the arrow went in to the fletching but not a pass thru. The deer went 68 yards from the point of impact to pile up. In that time the shaft was broke, and the rage tip lost the retention pin and the blades. The blood trail was similar to my magnus tips with similar shot placement. I was upset to loose an arrow that round about cost over $12 then the blades fall out of my rage tip $12.50. So all in all I lost $24.50. I am not sure why I would not have had a great pass thru shot seemed clean with no rib contact. I figure my setup should be pushing fast enough to get it through. Wondering if you get pass thrus with yours?

    Just thought I would share my results. I think I will shoot what I bought but then stick with the Magnus, because they are cheaper, lifetime warranty, have not lost an arrow to non-pass thru in 4 years and leaves similar blood trail. Maybe I bought lemons I have two more to test that theory... but will have to wait till next year.


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